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Household seven "most" teach you Fun Italian romance

Date : 2015/06/13 01:51:20

As we all know, new products, is a symbol of fashion trends, is forecast for the future through the past. 2015 big waves brand new tile, meditation analysis, I hope in 2015 tile design trends provide valuable information for you. 2015 As the leader of the Italian ceramic tile imported IMOLA ceramics were introduced eight new models combine practical new concept of environmental protection and cultural arts, avant-garde fashion and design simple fashion, passing out full of natural flavor and retro atmosphere, which is full of ideas product design from different dimensions profound interpretation of the 2015 tile design trend.
Avant-garde pop: Pop Series
Throughout the spring of 2015, the fashion industry, is full of patterns exaggeration, colorful single product. Avant-garde fashion design has become the most influential seasonal reference, and this theme even spread tile design. Imaginative composition, bold innovation is essential to the subject, but also the subject of outstanding comic stage. Although too eye-catching cartoon characters will restrict space decorated with style, but pop art and surrealism attention will still be subject to those young advocates personalized pursuit. IMOLA, Italy 2015 New Pop series of ceramic tiles in 10 different plain colors, almost close to the fluorescent colors, brick surface modeling alternating chart; tile tells exciting stories of people, large facial features, very eye-catching cultural totem, amazing.

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